Red Bull x Granblue Fantasy Promo Produces Tag Team Goods

Red Bull x Granblue

Cygames hit Granblue Fantasy launched a Red Bull x Granblue promotional campaign, promising merchandise to players who buy Red Bull drinks at one of Japan’s many Family Mart convenience stores. Created in collaboration with the Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo event space, the campaign’s key art features Granblue characters Lyria and Vyrn donning Red Bull apparel alongside. They stand, however, alongside none other than Beelzebub, the Chaos Bringer and major antagonist in both the main game and Granblue Fantasy Versus.

The Red Bull x Granblue campaign is fairly simple to participate in, so long as you happen to live in Japan. Just buying Red Bull or Red Bull Sugar-Free will be enough to earn the lowest tier of prize, a sticker featuring Lyria, Vyrn, Bubs, or all three:

granblue fantasy

Players that buy at least two cans will be entered into a sweepstakes for the next tier of prize, a kit containing  a T-Shirt, washable face mask and case, and a power bank:


Four cans deep into the Red Bull x Granblue promo and buyers will gain a choice of prizes. One set, titled the “Serious Guild War set”, contains an arm rest, mousepad, and bluetooth speaker. The other set, called the “Skyfarer at home” pack, combines wall hangings and acrylic panel standees. Both sets come with even more Red Bull to enjoy:

Finally, a full 8 cans of Red Bull could win a few lucky players a premium Red Bull x Granblue a full Yogibo Short beanbag pillow (and more Red Bull).:

granblue fantasy

Granblue Fantasy is immediately available on iOS, Android, and PCs via browser. The Red Bull x Granblue promo will last from October 22 to November 16, 2020. As for other goods related to the series, a line of perfumes will appear in Japan.

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