Red Sun Gamer Episode 7 – Xenoblade Chronicles, The Final Episode


All good things must end. Get out your plastic oversized Monado sword, box of Kleenex and tune in for Red Sun Gamer’s final episode in their 5-part series of Xenoblade Chronicles. After much dedicated effort and unwavering perseverance, the journey out of the calve area of is finally over! Konichiwa kneecap!


Steve and Martin resume play from where they left off in the last episode, in the caves, overrun by evil web-slinging arachnids that are probably only interested in one thing–sucking brains out of heads.


In this video we showcase Shulk’s elegant climbing technique, how to capitalize on Shulk’s visions to turn the tide of battle, random Master Chief bubble shields, and the unleashing a chain attack on a Shelob-class spider.


After savoring victory, what better way to wrap up the video but with some celebratory daredevil cliff-diving. Stick around until the end of the video to feast your eyes on the menacing wide-shot of Kishin, eternally locked in his battle stance with Kyoshin, ominously overlooking Shulk and Rain’s position at Kyoshin’s kneecap. This game is huge!


We are also happy to announce that Steve and Martin are rearing to kick-off their next video series in the near future so keep an eye out for more to come.


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