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Original Shantae Will Appear in Nintendo Switch eShop

Nintendo Switch Shantae

Shantae has a release date set for the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 22, 2021. The game will also allow you to choose between the standard Game Boy Color mode or the enhanced Game Boy Advance mode. Despite its retro looks, Shantae‘s release date trailer shows off her smooth animations as she whips her hair, transforms into animals, and jumps from platform to platform.

The trailer for Shantae on the Nintendo Switch is available on the WayForward YouTube channel. You can view it here:

Shantae is a series of platform games that originally came out in 2002 on the Game Boy Color. It follows the titular heroine Shantae, who is a half-genie, as she works to protect Sequin Land from various nefarious forces. According to director Matt Bozon, initial sales were poor due to most gamers moving on to the Game Boy Advance. However, its reception was generally positive and it has since gained status as a cult classic. In 2020, WayForward and Limited Run Games teamed up to produce a brief run of Game Boy Color Shantae cartridges.

There is a total of five games in the Shantae series and the four sequels can all be found on the Nintendo Switch. This means that after April 22, you will be able to collect the entire Shantae series for the Switch.

Shantae will appear in the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 22, 2021.

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