Relic Hunters Legend – A Co-Op Top-Down Shooter Of Evil Ducks & Time Travel

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Relic Hunters Legend, sequel to Relic Hunters Zero, will have up to four players ready to exchange gunfire with evil ducks as they explore a story of friendship and time travel.


Relic Hunters Legend offers players an array of heroes, from battle-worn humans to laser-firing sheep, each with their own setup of weapons, attacks, and powers that players can grow through experience gained by defeating enemies. These can also be enhanced with equipment gathered from exploring dungeons together online with co-op partners.

Relic Hunters Zero makes use of cover and height to add depth to its shooting. Players are able to hide behind outcroppings to avoid being shot, with some characters able to call up their own cover when needed. Players can also jump to platforms at different heights to stay out of the line of fire, but enemies can do the same, requiring constant shifts of position in order to defeat your foes.


Despite being an online shooter, the game does feature some story moments that explores the friendships between the various characters. As they follow this tale and move through the game, they will eventually uncover the sinister plot of a galactic villain that has somehow stolen the past.

Relic Hunters Legend is currently raising development funds on Kickstarter.

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