Relive The 90’s With This Medabots Medawatch App

Remember Tamagotchi? No? What about Digimon? These guys had their star moments with the craze over keeping a virtual pet alive, and so did Medabots. The original Medawatch had an extra twist by being an actual watch/toy that tied into the series—Medabots took orders from their fighters through the watches.

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Now, for 8-bit nostalgia’s sake, we get the watch-game remade for the iOS and Android. Players who pick up Medawatch can care for their pet robots, which will slowly accumulate their own experience points.


If you feel like speeding it up, players can shake their smartphones to speed up the process. To keep the Medabots from falling into disrepair, players also have to regularly do some mini-game maintenance such as catching a falling ball or supplying the bot with engine oil and energy. All the various Medabots from the watch series are available in the game, and you’ll have to complete missions to obtain more of them.


The iOS version is out now, with the Android version available on the 30th of September.



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