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Remake Of Nostalgic RPG Two Brothers Will Have Less Boring Dungeons



Ackk Studios is working on porting its Game Boy-style action-RPG Two Brothers over to Unity right now for a release on PC and Wii U under the new name of Chromophore. The reason being is that it can add new requested features and cut out a lot of the bugs that marred the experience.


Two Brothers was one of the better RPGs I played last year, with its slightly meta story about a bizarre world (people live inside lizard carcasses) without color, and one that involved deliberately killing yourself to progress at times. However, it wasn’t a very smooth experience at times due to the number of bugs it had.


Brian Allanson of Ackk Studios has acknowledged in a Kickstarter update that the game did have a lot of problems on certain machines, saying that this was due to the game being made in Multimedia Fusion 2. It probably didn’t help that he made the game in his spare time during weekends.


After the initial Windows release, Allanson then tried to port the game to Mac and Linux using Anaconda, but the game was too large and multifaceted for the tool to handle the job. He then turned to Unity for the port, but in doing so, found that the engine’s stability meant it would probably be worth completely remaking the game in Unity for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Wii U.


That’s what he’s been doing since January between developing his next game, Y2K, with the rest of his team. He’s also redesigned the more boring dungeons to make them more exciting, and added levelling up and other RPG elements to the game that people desired.


Oh, and the name has been changed to Chromophore because people kept getting the game mixed up with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. If you’re after more information about Two Brothers then check out its website.

Chris Priestman