Remake of Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Offering Card Will Appear in V Jump

Yu-gi-oh ultimate offering

A famous Yu-Gi-Oh card is getting a remake. The Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Offering card will be remade and reintroduced to the game. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The official Japanese website announced that the remade Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Offering card will be included in the upcoming May 2023 issue of V Jump. Fans who purchase it will receive the updated card to use in their decks.

The original version of Ultimate Offering is called “Chi no Daishou” in Japanese (“Blood Price” or “Compensation of Blood”). It’s classified as “Forbidden” (banned) in the Official Card Game and the Advanced version, but can be included Traditional decks. Notably, the international version of the Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Offering card received different art to remove visual suggestions of bleeding.

The remade version of Ultimate Offering was renamed to “Chiniku no Daishou” (“Blood and Flesh Price” or “Compensation of Blood and Flesh”), and features updated art as well. As an international version of the card has yet to be announced, it is unknown if the art will be changed again.

The effects of the remade Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Offering card were also changed compared to the original version. The original version of the card allows players to pay 500 Life Points to conduct a Normal Summon during their Main Phase, or their opponent’s Battle Phase.

The remade card adds a changing price and context to the effects. During the Main Phase, players can pay 1000 Life Points to conduct up to 3 Normal Summons during their turn. They can also pay 500 Life Points to Normal Summon once during their opponent’s Battle Phase.

The updated Ultimate Offering card will be released in Japan alongside the May 2023 issue of V Jump on March 21, 2023.

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