Anything Can Be A Tower Defense Game – Even River City Ransom




I once said anything can be made into a Tower Defense game, and it seems my prophecy continues to ring true. (Anyone want their fortunes told by me for just two dollah a pop?) Today we’ve got word that River City Ransom’s folk of Kunio (or Alex in the Western release of the game), Riki (or Ryan in the West) and pals are being turned into a side-scrolling tower action defense game for smartphones.


The cool thing is the game uses the original, 8-bit style sprites for an authentic and back-to-the-original style that made Kunio famous in the first place.


This type of tower defense works a little differently from placing your troops as “towers” on a pre-determined map with pre-determined routes. Instead, you have to carefully manage a regenerating set of resources and then “summon” one of your troops who will dutifully walk from left to right on the screen, stopping to beat up any foes they come across ala classic River City Ransom style before progressing on to the enemy’s base. All the while, your opponent is doing the same on their end of the.. err.. street? Ring? Arena? You’ll be able to summon both Kunio and his team alongside many of the enemies he once fought so it seems.



There’s a scenario mode with a story too, apparently, and the game will be out in December for both iOS and Android.