Remember Future Cop: LAPD? Capricorn 7 Is Just Like It



Capricon 7, Future Cop should be familiar to anyone who ever played the 1998 mech-based action game Future Cop: LAPD.


However, while it may take the futuristic third-person tactical action of that game, it’s differentiated by being a multiplayer battle arena, or MOBA.


The idea is that you become a member of one of three factions – either the police, rebels, or mercenaries – and then go into battle across a  dark city.


There are multiple types of vehicles available, including huge tanks, mechs, and hover planes, as well as infantry-type sentients. All of these carry different types of weapons too, including flamethrowers, mini guns, concussion beams, and hyper-velocity rockets. Special weapons are more devastating, such as the shockwave generator and mortar launcher.


Currently, Capricorn 7, Future Cop is in early development. The team is hoping to launch a crowdfunding effort soon. It seems that there are plans for two more games in the Capricorn 7 series to be released after Future Cop, called Civil War and Price of Freedom.


You can find out more about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman