Rement’s Latest Pokemon Terrariums Focus on Sword and Shield Characters

Re-Ment Pokemon Terrariums Pokemon Sword and Shield

The newest Re-Ment Pokemon toys are in, and this time its pulling from the newest installment. A new collection of Pokemon Terrariums is available in Japan, giving people a chance to get clear Poke Balls filled with Pokemon Sword and Shield characters. They are about 800円 (~$8) each and immediately available.

As is typical for Re-Ment projects, these are blind box toys. You don’t know which one of the terrariums you’ll get. (Though, buying a full box of six will guarantee you one of each figure.) Every one gives you a scene from Galar to assemble and a piece of gum.

Here’s the full list of possible Pokemon Terrarium toys you could get. As usual, Pikachu does appear in one of them.

  • Grookey
  • Eevee with Wooloo
  • Galarian Ponyta
  • Pikachu with Yamper
  • Scorbunny
  • Sobble

And here’s a full gallery showing all the characters off.

These sorts of Pokemon scenes aren’t uncommon for Re-Ment. The terrarium line is a rather long running one, for example. The company also has had collections of toys involving Pokemon Pocket Botanicals and a selection of Pokemon Starrium figures that were more celestial in nature. (Though again, in each case there were definitely excuses to make sure Pikachu was in there.)

The Galarian Pokemon Terrariums are immediately available in Japan.

Jenni Lada
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