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Reminder: How to Get the Persona 5 Royal True Ending

persona 5 royal true ending futaba

Now that Persona 5 Royal is available on so many additional platforms, people might be wondering how to get the true ending again. Fortunately, it isn’t too taxing an endeavor. As you might expect from a version of a game that includes new characters, those additional individuals feature prominently. You honestly don’t even need to keep to any sort of strict schedule to find yourself on the path to the “correct” conclusion. In short, just make sure you spend time with Goro Akechi, Kasumi Yoshizara, and Doctor Takuto Maruki for things to work out.

Editor’s Note: There will be no Persona 5 Royal spoilers below.

The first deadline you need to keep in mind is November 18th. You need to have the Persona 5 Royal Confidant relationship with Doctor Maruki at Rank 9 by that day to get the true ending. But before even that, you’ll want to make sure Joker equips a Persona from the Councillor Arcana before May 13th. If you find a Kushi Mitama or Nigi Mitama, they both will work. (I fused a Hua Po and Pixie to get one.) You tend to be able to spend time with the doctor on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

The next deadline is November 24th. You need to get Joker’s relationship with Goro Akechi up to Rank 8 by that date. He’s available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. You’ll need to make sure Joker’s Charm stat is at Rank 3: Suave and Knowledge is at Rank 4: Encyclopedic to keep getting closer to him. I’d recommend renting the Bubbly Hills 90210 and Not-so-Hot-Betsy DVDs to watch, reading Buchiko’s Story and Reckless Casanova, and going to the Yongen-Jaya bathhouse (especially when it is a Monday, a Thursday, or it is raining) to raise Charm. To increase Knowledge, answer questions in class correctly, study at the library, study before tests, and read books like The Great Thief, Heroic Revelations, and Wise Men’s Words. Eating the Comet, Gravity, and Cosmic Tower Burgers during the challenge at Big Bang Burger can increase both Charm and Knowledge, which helps a lot.

The third step to getting the Persona 5 Royal true ending involves the new heroine Kasumi. You’ll need to get her to Rank 5 by December 18th. She’ll text you when she’s available, so don’t turn down chances to spend time with her.

Finally, you’ll need to constantly reject a certain someone’s offers in January and February. This person will ask you to join them. When they ask you to become their ally, you need to tell them no.

Persona 5 Royal is available now on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. There is no free PS4 to PS5 upgrade for the game.

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