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Report: World’s End Club Demo to Release Soon

World's End Club Demo

World’s End Club could be getting a playable demo soon. The new adventure game from Too Kyo Games may give potential players a taster ahead of its planned May 2021 release via a Trial Edition. [Thanks, Tipster Ryokutya2089!]

World’s End Club, which was renamed from Death March Club, follows a dozen elementary school students who form the Go-Getters Club at their school. Following a bus accident, the kids are trapped in a weird underwater amusement park. Before long, a mysterious, inhuman figure appears to force them to play “The Fate Game.” The game involves giving each member of the club a bracelet, a special ability, and a task to complete. The kids will have to cooperate and help (or hinder) each other as they get things done on the way to the end.

World’s End Club also received a “demo” of sorts exclusive to Apple Arcade subscribers. The game launched on Apple Arcade in 2020, but wasn’t entirely finished. It ended on a cliffhanger. Writer Kotaro Uchikoshi took to Twitter to assure players that “Part 2” of the story would be released in 2021 and that the Nintendo Switch edition would be a complete, single release.

It’s unknown how much content will be included in a prospective demo of the game, but having it available should give players a feel for the final product.

World’s End Club will release on May 28, 2021 on Nintendo Switch. The first part is immediately available on iOS via Apple Arcade.

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