Republique Switches From Pre-Rendered To 3D Art; Here’s A Look


It’s been a while since Camouflaj talked about their upcoming iOS and PC title, Republique, but this morning they released a developer diary with a progress update on how development is going, along with an announcement that they’re moving away from pre-rendered backgrounds.


In case you’re just getting caught up, Republique takes place in a dystopian future on an unmarked nation. Somewhere on the nation, a girl named Hope is in captivity, and you help her escape by communicating with her via various electronic devices place throughout the building. The player can communicate with hope using laptops, security cameras and more.


Camouflaj say that the decision to move from pre-rendered to fully 3D backgrounds was made last summer. You can take a look at the new art below and the developer diary above. You can learn more about the game and how Camouflaj are going for a Metroid-style of exploration in our interview from last year.



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