13-2aSquare Enix confirmed that Omega will be available in North America, but unlike Japan the coliseum boss battle will be distributed as pre-order downloadable content in the States.


Pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-2 from Amazon and you’ll get the Omega Boss Battle as downloadable content. Gamestop is giving away an alternate costume for Serah, but Best Buy may have the grand prize. The electronics retailer is giving out hardcover copies of Final Fantasy XIII – Episode i –, previously a Japan only novella that connects the events between Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel.


These incentives are different from Japan, which include a life stealing bow for Serah and special swords for Noel as downloadable content. No news about Noel’s extra outfit either or if fans will be able to buy the Omega boss battle post-launch.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out on January 31, 2012 in North America.

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