The Poké Ball is one of the returning items in Super Smash Bros., and tossing one onto the battlefield will result in a Pokémon coming out and affecting the fight or stage in some way. One of these Pokémon is Reshiram.


As always, director Masahiro Sakurai made the reveal in a Miiverse post. He also confirmed other Pokémon such as Zekrom and Milotic will appear in the game.


During a Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct presentation earlier in the year, Sakurai stated that legendary Pokémon come out from Master Balls in the game. It’s likely that on the rare occasion you’ll be able to find one inside a regular Poké Ball as well, but Master Balls contain legendary Pokémon exclusively.


Thus far, Arceus, Xerneas, Deoxys, Palkia, Entei, Keldeo and Victini are some of the other legendaries that have been confirmed to be in the game.


Regarding the screenshot above, Sakurai stated: “It’s close enough to the launch date, so I don’t have to describe this stage to you, right? The design of this stage is based off of the surroundings of someone’s castle.”


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