Resident Evil 5 is now Capcom’s best-selling game of all time, the publisher revealed via its Investor Relations website this morning. The game has sold over 6.5 million units across Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 retail sales, as well as download sales.


(It would appear PC version sales are not being included, as Capcom specifically mention the PC platform in the case of Resident Evil: Revelations, but not RE5.)


Prior to Resident Evil 5, Capcom’s best-selling game was the original Street Fighter II. First released in 1992, that game sold 6.3 million copies on the Super NES.


Of course, if one were to add up the sales of every single version of Street Fighter II over the years, the sales figure would increase significantly. Here’s how every single version of SFII has done over the years:


Street Fighter II – 6.3 million (SNES)

Street Fighter II Turbo – 4.1 million (SNES)

Super Street Fighter II – 2 million (SNES)

Street Fighter II Plus – 1.65 million (Genesis)


That amounts to a total of about 14 million copies of Street Fighter II in some form or another.


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