redemoIf you didn’t buy Dragon’s Dogma for Xbox 360 you can still play a Resident Evil 6 demo on September 18. Capcom will release anew demo as a PlayStation Network and Xbox Live download then.


Oh, wait a second… you need Xbox Live Gold to download the Resident Evil 6 demo on an Xbox 360. Capcom say it will be available for free members a week later on September 25. This doesn’t affect PlayStation Network account holders.


The new Resident Evil 6 demo has three scenarios to play (one with Chris, Leon, and newcomer Jake), and it has online co-op. Here are a few details from Capcom:


  • Leon’s mission lets you play as him or Helena at Ivy University.
  • Jake and Sherry’s mission is in Langshiang, fighting off fully-mutated J’avo.
  • Chris and Piers’ mission is in Edonia. Both characters have a different loadout.


Additionally, PlayStation 3 owners will get access to the demo that came with Dragon’s Dogma on September 5th.

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