Resident Evil Infinite Darkness DVD and Blu-ray Listings Appear

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness DVD and Blu-ray Listings Appear

It seems people outside of Japan might be able to get Resident Evil Infinite Darkness season 1 DVD and Blu-ray copies in December 2021. A number of product listings appeared online at both Amazon and Target. These all suggest they will appear in North America on December 21, 2021. [Thanks, WTK!]

All of the product listings offer similar details. The Target Resident Evil Infinite Darkness season 1 Blu-ray and DVD listing both offer the December 21, 2021 release date. The DVD is $17.99, while the Blu-ray is $24.49. The Amazon listing offers official box art, but doesn’t offer the same prices. The Blu-ray version doesn’t have any price there. Meanwhile, the DVD version’s listed as costing $25.99.

Here are box art designs from the Amazon listings.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is an animated show that continues the games’ story. People follow Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they deal with a new zombie incident. This time, the White House is under siege. The first season of the show, which is four episodes long, aired on Netflix in July 2021.

While there’s no official confirmation about the Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Blu-ray and DVD release in North America, it did come up elsewhere. In October 2021, Capcom confirmed it a physical release for Japan. The first season Blu-ray and DVD copies will appear there on December 22, 2021.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is available on Netflix.

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