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Alex Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer Return as Resident Evil Resistance Masterminds

resident evil resistance masterminds alex wesker ozwell e spencer

Resident Evil Resistance is bringing back more characters people might recognize. In this Resident Evil 3 multiplayer mode, both Resident Evil Revelations 2’s Alex Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer, Umbrella founder and CEO, will both be playable characters and have their own tricks for trapping Survivors.

Alex is an Umbrella Wesker Project test subject who ended up becoming a part of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. (She also, as you might expect from her name, knows Albert Wesker.) In Resident Evil Revelations 2, she is on Sushestvovanie Island and running horrifying experiments. In Resident Evil Resistance, this Mastermind relies on traps and a Yateveo mutated plant that can trap and damage people.

Ozwell is the head of Umbrella who is actually dead in the games, though that isn’t keeping him from causing trouble as a Resident Evil Resistance Mastermind. Rather than a bioweapon, he relies on technology for attacks. Specifically, he can spawn a Disintegration Field on the map that damages Survivors.

Two more of Resident Evil Resistance’s maps were revealed alongside Alex and Ozwell. One is the Abandoned Park. This is a former Raccoon City amusement park that has fallen into disrepair and become infested with monstrous creatures. The other is a Raccoon City casino known as, well, Casino. Since it was only abandoned, rather than infested, it appears to be in better shape than the Abandoned Park. You can see the survivor Becca in one of the Abandoned Park screenshots and Martin Sandwich in one of the Casino ones.

Resident Evil 3 will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3, 2020. It will include Resident Evil: Resistance, the multiplayer experience where one person is a Mastermind and the others are Survivors.

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