This Restaurant Simulator Is Getting An Expansion Starring Shovel Knight And Other Indie Characters


The Steam version of hardcore restaurant sim Cook, Serve, Delicious is getting a free “Battle Kitchen” expansion this November.


Battle Kitchen will be a whole new mode for the game and one which is designed to give the fastest experience possible. As such, orders will arrive at your restaurant as soon as you push one out, so you’ve got to be on the ball.


The recipes won’t be randomized as usual, but set by developer Vertigo Gaming. This is to allow for an even playing field as there will be new Weekly Challenges that pit your fastest times against other online players.


Battle Kitchen will also introduce local multiplayer to Cook, Serve, Delicious for the first time. It will support between 2-4 players playing at once in two different Tag Team matches and a Versus mode.


On top of that, there will be 12 player tournaments, eSports battles with separate leaderboards in single and multiplayer, and a new co-op campaign.


Lastly, there will be 52 playable characters with the Battle Kitchen expansion, as 24 characters from various indie games will be added to the roster. These include Shovel Knight, Nidhogg, SteamWorld Dig, Hotline Miami, and Nuclear Throne.


You can find the full details of the Battle Expansion update on Vertigo Gaming’s blog. Cook, Serve, Delicious can be bought for $9.99 on Steam, Desura, and the Humble Store. It’ll cost your $4.99 on Google Play, and it’s $3.99 to buy the full game on the iOS App Store. There’s also a demo available on its website.

Chris Priestman