Nintendo 3DS

Resurrect A Japanese Hot Spring In Let’s Go On The A-Train 3D!


Nintendo 3DS transport/city simulator Let’s Go On The A-Train 3D? was released yesterday (February 13th) in Japan, and it’s already getting bonus content, and for free at that.


Developers ArtDink are giving away a free scenario right now, where players will have to take charge of getting a scenic peninsula with famed hot springs back on track (Ishaan: …) with additional railway tracks. The scenario will be available from today till the end of May.


In order to clear the scenario you’ll need to lay 100km worth of track, have entertainment make up 60% of the map’s proportion, and have yearly revenues of 100 billion yen. That’s not a typo.

As previously reported, the game lets you buy and place tracks and trains to run profitable lines and even has a 3D City mode which lets you cruise around the city enjoying the views.