Retro Arcade Throwback Woah Dave! Leaps To PlayStation Vita

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Choice Provisions has released its single-screen retro-style arcade action game Woah Dave! on PlayStation Vita at the price of $5. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member then it’s free for you to download this month.


You probably wouldn’t know from the studio’s new name “Choice Provisions,” but it’s actually the same people that made the BIT.TRIP series – yes, Gaijin Games. So, if you liked what they did with that series of arcade games then Woah Dave! is probably worth a look.


Also, if you’re at all fond of Super Crate Box then Woah Dave! may have an appeal. It’s similar in that you are fighting against a constant barrage of aliens on a multi-tiered static level. You have to pick up eggs and throw them at aliens to bowl them over. However, the eggs also hatch more aliens to battle.


There are also skull bombs to pick up and throw, or avoid if you see they’re about to explode, and WOAH blocks that can be chucked too. It’s all frantic survival action in which you attempt to get the highest score you can. And yes, the main character’s name is Dave, in fact he’s called Dave Lonuts.


Woah Dave! was previously released on Nintendo 3DS through its eShop, as well as Steam for PC players, and iOS as well. You can find out more about it on its website.

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