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Retro-Bit Is Launching an Alternative Dreamcast Controller in Late 2020

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Sega’s Dreamcast is one of the most successful unsuccessful consoles ever made, the end of the line for Sega as a console hardware force, but a platform full of classic games. But while the Dreamcast was the ideal platform for Sega software, there are a lot of mixed feelings about the controller. Retro-Bit, a company dedicated to making new controllers for classic consoles (among other products), is about to do something about that. Releasing late 2020, Retro-Bit has revealed a sneak peek at its alternative take on Sega’s Dreamcast controller.

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The cool thing about the Retro-Bit Dreamcast controller is that it seems to be retaining the original version’s overall form. Complaints about the controller usually revolve around its performance, while many of the same fans had no issue with the aesthetic design. So what we have here is the same shape and look, but with changes and updates made to its functionality.

Perhaps most notably, Retro-Bit is updating the dpad and analog stick. Those were the biggest barriers to comfortable control back in the day, and based on the blueprints, they simply look more modern. Additionally, the triggers are being repositioned, seemingly just enough to be more ergonomic.

Finally, the Retro-Bit Dreamcast controller will also have six face buttons lined up to be perfect for all the system’s arcade-perfect fighting game ports. This change won’t impact every game, but fighting game fans who aren’t dead set on using fight sticks will likely be into this part.

There’s no release date or price yet, but the Retro-Bit Dreamcast controller is currently planned to release in late 2020.


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