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Retro City Rampage Creator Announces 16-Bit Style Sequel Shakedown Hawaii


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VBlank Entertainment has announced new retro-style open world urban action game Shakedown Hawaii.

It’s a sequel to VBlank’s previous game Retro City Rampage and is set 30 years after its events. According to Shakedown Hawaii’s website, it once again stars Retro City Rampage’s anti-hero, except this time he’s older, fatter, and balding.

It also says that he’s come out of retirement to micromanage his global empire at every stage – “from the boardroom to the streets.” Whether this implies that there’s an extra layer to the game than running around and killing everything in sight is yet to be seen.

What we can see, however, is that the NES-stylings of Retro City Rampage have been upgraded to a more Sega Genesis-like era (16-bit) of graphics in Shakedown Hawaii. And there also seems to be a strong 1980s theme running throughout the game, from the slogans to the music.

Shakedown Hawaii will be coming to Steam for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo platforms.

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