Retro-Glorious Dreamcast Shmup The Ghost Blade Is Now Up For Pre-Order


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German indie studio HuCast Games has announced its latest 1990s-style 2D shmup for Dreamcast, The Ghost Blade, is up for pre-ordering in three different editions that will be released in 2015.


As is the case with many Dreamcast shmups, Earth has been invaded by aliens, and you’ll be playing the part of humanity’s best hope for survival – a new lethal, fast spaceship called Ghost Blade.


The game itself actually has three different playable ships to choose from, 3:4 and 4:3 screen ratios, five levels to beat with huge bosses in Stage Mode, a Time Attack Mode, and a two or five minute Caravan Mode.


You can see The Ghost Blade in action in the video at the top of this article. However, that video is from April 2013 and only shows the game in alpha. A new video has been released but isn’t available to embed yet.


As to the pre-orders, you can grab The Ghost Blade on HuCast’s website at its cheapest for €36.95 as its Regular Edition. Then there’s the Limited Edition of only 1000 copies, which comes with the soundtrack, for €64.95.


Lastly, the 3-disc Collector’s Edition, which is limited to 500 copies, comes with the soundtrack, the game, and a SuperPlay DVD, as well as exclusive box cover art, music tracks, stickers, title screen, and 24-page concept and art book.

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