Retro-Style Doujin Shooter Infinios Is Free On Playism



Digital game store Playism is now stocking Japanese developer Picorinne Soft’s retro-style shooter Infinios, and it’s completely free.


Infinios is best compared to side-scrolling shooters of the ‘80s and ‘90s, such as Gradius and R-Type. It’s a game without any screen-clearing weapons, or bullet hell patterns, instead forcing you to focus on evasive maneuvers, precise shooting, and collecting power-ups.


The game gets its name from the planet Infinios upon which an advanced civilization lives. Unfortunately, the peaceful people of Infinios were invaded by an alien race known as the Argus, which sparked a war.


The Argus proved a tough enemy, forcing the people of Infinios into retreat, where they put their last hopes into one supreme spaceship called the Foria, which is what you’ll be flying in the game.


You can download Infinios on Playism for free, but only for Windows machines. There’s more information about it (in Japanese) on its website.

Chris Priestman