Retro-Style Horror-Adventure The Count Lucanor Comes Out March 3rd


Indie studio Baroque Decay has announced that its pixel art horror-adventure The Count Lucanor comes out on March 3rd (on Steam) in a new trailer. It’s inspired by Silent Hill, Yume Nikki, and Zelda.

The Count Lucanor follows a boy called Hans who leaves home only to run into a kobold that promises him great wealth if he can guess the kobold’s name. Hans agrees and then finds himself stuck in the Tenebre Castle where he will become the new Count Lucanor.

The game itself is comprised of exploring the castle, conversing with NPCs to get clues, stealth sections, puzzles to solve, and avoiding traps. You’ll also have to make decisions throughout the game that will lead you to one of five endings.

Chris Priestman