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Revive One Of The Demon Lord Girls With The Power Of Love In Destroyer Trillion


houju2One of the premises in Destroyer Trillion is how the Demon Lord girls will die during the fight against the mighty Trillion. However, Compile Heart reveals that you’ll get to choose one of them to revive and stay with you until the very end, which can be done through the power of love.

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In Destroyer Trillion, if all six Demon Lords die, you’ll get a game over. However, if you have even one Demon Lord with whom you’ve maxed out your intimacy level with, it’ll activate a “Love Jewel” event. The power of this jewel will allow you to bring back one of the fallen  Demon Lord with maxed intimacy level, back to life.


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So while leveling up your characters and going through the game, you’ll get a chance to increase the intimacy level with any of the Demon Lord girls, but the Love Jewel will only let you pick one to revive, and they’ll be able to stick around and continue on the fight against Trillion.



The Love Jewel is a treasure from Heaven that was originally entrusted to Uriel from God. He tried giving it to Zeablos, but was told that the demon race don’t need things like love, and had it tossed into the storage room somewhere in the castle.


They say that the Love Jewel can unleash a special power after it responds to the feeling of true unconditional love from the user.


By increasing intimacy levels with the Demon Lords, you’ll activate various special events. However, there’s more to it, as defeating Trillion while in an intimate condition, you’ll get to see a special “lovey-dovey ending”.


Destroyer Trillion is slated for release in Japan on July 23, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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