Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution Continues the Story in October

revolutionary girl utena: after the revolution

The original Revolutionary Girl Utena had quite an ending, with people perhaps wondering what happened to the characters and their stories after. Well, the Chiho Saito manga that answers those questions is heading westward this month. On October 6, 2020, Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution will appear in English. Physical copies will be $12.99.

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This sequel takes place after the former students from Utena and Anthy’s time at Ohtori Academy are grown. In particular, former student council members Touga Kiryuu and Kyouichi Saionji find their paths crossing again as they are tasked with finding “The Revolution,” the treasure of former chairman Akio Ohtori. Along the way, people will discover what happened to past students and characters they loved, seeing how their relationships may have changed or grown.

While Revolutionary Girl Utena has inspired multiple adaptations, with an anime series, movie, light novels, and stage shows released, there’s only been one game. Shojo Kakumei Utena: Itsuka Kakumei Sareru Monogatari appeared on the Sega Saturn in Japan.

Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution is immediately available in Japan, and Viz Media’s localization will launch on October 6, 2020. The Revolutionary Girl Utena anime is available to stream via Funimation, with subtitled and dub options available.

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