Rez Creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi Makes Creating Vocaloid Songs Easier


    Another of those quiet legends, Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Rez fame, has taken it on himself to make Vocaloid music easier for fans to get into.


    Worried that you have to do all the music, rhythms, syncing and all that razzmatazz up? Yamaha and Mizuguchi have teamed up to bring you Vocaloid First, a new iOS application that does away with those fears.



    What you’ll get is an application that comes with popular Vocaloid songs which you can pick from, already pre-loaded with the entire song prepped up. Users can then make up their own preferred lyrics for a remixed version of the song, or even tweak the notes themselves to create something a little more unique.



    This does away with all that earlier work of setting things up, which can be useful for those who either don’t really understand musical notes and their uses and applications. If you don’t know what lyrics to add, the application even suggests some for you as you go along.


    The application comes with three pre-installed themes such as “My First Vocaloid Song” and “Immaculate Heart Girl Pop Tune” while more can be purchased within the app itself for a cheap 200 yen ($2) each.


    Vocaloid First is out now.


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