Rhythm-Based Brawler Klang Raves Hard And Fast


    Klang won’t be out this fall as originally planned. It’s now slated for an arrival on PC in early 2016. But to tide us over a new trailer has been released.


    As Siliconera said previously, Klang takes the traditional rhythm game and reinterprets it as a 2D platformer and brawler, kinda like what Crypt of the NecroDancer did to the dungeon crawler. 

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    You play as the titular “tuneblade wielding elite rave warrior” as he fights through aggressive enemies that attack from multiple directions. You’ll need to match these directions with your button presses in order to defend and attack.


    You can also see a snipped of a boss fight in the trailer as well as the platforming elements – Klang wall jumps to the beat.

    Chris Priestman

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