Rhythm de Run Run: The Most Basic Beat

Saying Rhythm de Run Run is simple is an understatement. All you do in Alphaunit’s DS music game is hit one button, make a sound or tap the screen to the beat. Good thing this has quirky stories like a kid trying to catch a port-a-potty on wheels. Otherwise Rhythm de Run Run would be unmemorable.

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Your character in Rhythm de Run Run automatically runs. The reason why differs depending on the episode. In the first story you’re a nerdy looking kid holding his bladder and chasing a rolling port-a-potty. Obstacles like bulldogs and grannies riding bicycles attempt to block you from bathroom bliss. Hitting a button or clapping makes your character jump over them. Get the timing right to keep a combo going. Miss and your time meter takes a hit.


The first round starts slow so you can learn the rhythm. The next round ups the tempo. Rhythm de Run Run eventually reaches a ludicrous speed where your runner’s legs are replaced with has a Sonic the Hedgehog-like spinning circle. When you unwrap the game the only story you can play is the bathroom one. Earning an “A” in a level unlocks another story.


image In the next one you’re a hefty set guy running to lose weight. Kids holding pizza, grilled squid on a stick, and giant hotdogs try and distract you. Pressing “A” makes the runner dodge the food and slim down. Ironically, the stage ends with the runner feasting on a mountain of treats and licking an ice cream cone. After that you’re in a hurdles race leaping over pits and penguins.


Since Rhythm de Run Run uses the same one button or one sound system every level feels about the same except for the setting. The microphone feature is neat since you can make your own rhythm to play the game. Rhythm de Run Run only reacts to sharp sounds so you can play the game while watching TV.


Food for thought:


1.) Quirky humor? Rhythm de Run Run delivers it in spades with twist endings. Most of the humor can be localized too just incase some publisher wants to pick it up.


2.) The problem with simple gameplay is you’re stuck with simple rhythms. Rhythm de Run Run’s music sounds like a nursery rhyme sound track.


3.) Since Rhythm de Run Run is so basic Alphaunit should have included a level editor. Letting players make their own sprites, music, and patterns would extend replay value greatly. Online trading would keep the game going, but it’s probably not feasible given budget constraints.

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