Nintendo Switch

Rhythm Game VOEZ Gets Its First Screenshots on Nintendo Switch



We recently learned that Flyhigh Works’ rhythm game, VOEZ, is getting a Nintendo Switch version and the latest screenshots from Famitsu provide us with a closer look with some new details.



For the rhythm game, it’s basically the same thing from the smartphone version of the game, where you’ll see the ◇-shaped notes drop from above and you pretty much hit them by tapping, holding, and swiping as they hit the bar on the bottom. These will also move along with the music for a bit of fun visuals.




VOEZ on Nintendo Switch features over 100 songs of various genres from Japanese and Taiwanese creators. Difficulties go from East, Hard, and Special, so even those who are rhythm games veterans or complete beginners will get to enjoy.


VOEZ releases in Japan for Nintendo Switch in March 2017. The game is currently available on iPhone and Android.

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