Rhythm Heaven on Wii shares some characters with its Nintendo DS predecessor, but all of the actual games are new. HMV in Japan say there are over 50 games in Rhythm Heaven for Wii. One of these involves trying to stab a rolling pea with a fork. Another has you cutting demons with a samurai.


HMV mention another feature cooperative multiplayer, too. In multiplayer games, Rhythm Heaven will judge the compatibility between players. This sounds like a feature that was included in House of the Dead 4 Special and Let’s Go Island, which displayed a compatibility rating based on your zombie/shark shooting performance. No Love Tester inclusion, though, unfortunately.


Rhythm Heaven is slated for a July 21st release in Japan. Nintendo will publish the game in the U.S., but haven’t provided a release date. Even though it’s on the Wii, there are no motion controls in Rhythm Heaven; it’s played using the A and B buttons on the Wii Remote.


Want to know what that baboon is doing in the game shown above? Check out the game’s E3 trailer:



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