Ridiculous Action Game Shadow Gangs Shows Shades Of Shinobi



When Dan’s family is kidnapped, the MMA champion takes to the streets to take down the gang responsible in sidescrolling arcade action game Shadow Gangs.




In similar style to Shinobi, Dan can use shurikens to down the ninjas and thugs who attack him, using melee attacks if someone gets a little too close. Dan also has the ability to change into an M16-toting ninja at the mid-point of each stage, which also lets him double jump and use a katana for more damage.



Dan will face a bizarre range of foes as he fights through stages across the world, beating up colorful ninjas, samurai, soldiers, Zeus, and a strangely-evil Freddie Mercury with his abilities.



Shadow Gangs is being designed for PC and Dreamcast. It is currently raising development funds on Kickstarter and votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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