The Right Choices Will Dictate Who Survives The Trip Across The Haunted Lake Of Voices

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Sinnlos is a black lake surrounded by fog, one where a maze of bridges appears at nightfall. With those bridges come the Nixi, spirits known to drown humans. This is the lake the players must help a group of travelers cross in horror visual novel Lake of Voices.


Despite all of the dangers surrounding the lake, there are times when travelers have no choice to but to brave the trip across. Such is the case for Kikka, a guard tasked with heading to a nearby allied town that is under siege by raiders. She is short on time, and so Sinnlos is the only quick way to get to where she needs to go, forcing her to brave its lethal bridges. She meets several other travelers looking to cross when she arrives, and the group must try to work their way across together.

Players will make several decisions throughout their trip across Sinnlos. Many of these decisions will directly tie in to who gets left behind to drown and who lives, forcing players to make agonizing calls on who deserves to live. These decisions will be timed as well, adding even more pressure onto players. These calls will lead to six main endings, as well as several death endings should things end extremely badly.


A Kickstarter is currently ongoing to raise development funding for Lake of Voices (specifically to add voices). A demo is available now through

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