The [email protected] Is Getting A Movie, And It Has The Idols From The Mobile Game



Namco Bandai have updated the main site for upcoming movie The [email protected] Movie: To The Glittering Other Side, and with it comes news that the movie will feature some of the girls from the Gree card game The [email protected]: Million Live.


The trailer above has the mysterious producer talking and telling folks that preparations for the next event are going well, and that there will be new back-up dancers—The Million Live gals—readied as well.


The new girls who will make an appearance are (not in order with above picture) Minako Satake, Kana Yabuki, Yuriko Nanao, Seriko Hakozaki, Anna Mochizuki, Shiho Kitazawa and Nao Yokoyama. There’s also word that all the songs will be performed by the 765PRO ALLSTARS.


Those who pre-order their tickets at Lawson’s Loppi from November 24th will get a limited edition original drama CD and an illustration (above) and the movie will go live January 25th, 2014.


[Additional info from Anime News Network]