League of Legend developer Riot Games had a bunch of new games to show, including Project A that is a new tactical FPS and Project L that’s a new fighting game that was previously teased at EVO 2019.


First, here’s a look at an announcement video for Riot’s new tactical FPS codenamed Project A. The developers are aiming to make a character-based tactical shooter with “more creativity, more expression, and a lot more style.” More information will be shared in 2020.


Project A is in development for PC.


You can see footage of Project L throughout the video with a closer look at around the 3:28 mark of the video. Not much information was shared on the game and Riot Games will be going dark for a while meaning we won’t get any info for some time, but they promise to be working hard on it.


Riot Games have yet to announce Project L’s platform(s).

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