Rise of Mana Producer Would Like To Make The Next Retail Mana Game


Rise of Mana, the latest action RPG in the Mana series, was recently released. While it is a mobile game, it appears to do a good job at retaining the heart of the series, and the game’s producer recently shared his desire to make a new retail Mana game during a Square Enix web show covered by Dengeki.


Square Enix showed off a bunch of screenshots and footage during the event, but you can also check out gameplay footage out in our earlier report as well.


During the show, producer Masaru Oyamada talked about an upcoming Million Arthur collaboration with Rise of Mana, which will have features that will let you use Arthur’s Excalibur blade to pull off a special attack.


“I’d like to be able to distribute it sometime before the summer,” said Oyamada when asked about Rise of Mana’s release date for Android. “I believe you all will get to play it during the summer break.”


The producer concluded with some thoughts on what he’d like to do next with the Mana series.


“As we head into the series’ 25th anniversary in two years, I’d also like to make Seiken Densetsu 5 [next main numbered titled of the Mana series in Japan]. And if possible, a retail game,” Oyamada stated.


Rise of Mana is currently available in Japan for iOS devices.

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