Rise Up, Smash Down In Vertical Slash-em-Up Rising Hero



    Instead of rising up to meet the challenge head on, you’re falling down to them in Gumi’s cutesy smartphone slash-em-up Rising Hero.  This is another game available on the Kakao service.



    Like more regular shoot-em-up’s, players control a hero character whose goal is to beat through the mountain of foes standing between them and the exit. The difference here is, while the exit’s all the way at the top, foes come at you from the bottom.


    That includes a dragon ready to bite your head off. As they blast off in pursuit of you, you’ll use monster bodies to leverage more height and speed by plunging down into them to deal damage before bouncing off.


    2 3

    There’s four different classes, from your basic swordsman to magician girls and female kunoichi ninjas. Each can be set with different melee weapons reflected on your character, as well as items and spells that will help out in a pinch. There’s apparently some 150 different sorts.


    It wouldn’t be a Korean smartphone game without pets either, with some 33 different species. You’ll also be able to borrow a friend’s pet as part of Rising Hero’s social element.



    7 4


    If he catches up, this guy will bite you. Don’t. Let. Him. Catch. Up.


    Rising Hero is out now on iOS and Android.


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