Rising Dusk Is An Anti-Coin Collection Platformer


Rising Dusk is designed to make players fight the urge to collect all of those shiny gold coins that float in the air, as carrying certain amounts of coins will make some of the blocks they need to get through the stage disappear.


Rising Dusk follows Tamako into the realm of the Yokai, which she has wandered into by accident. In order to get back out again, she will need to explore the monster-filled world while resisting the temptation to grab the money she finds there.

Rising Dusk’s levels, on top of being filled with monsters from Japanese folklore, are also filled with coins. These coins will affect various blocks that can be found throughout each stage, all of which have numbers on them. These blocks will fade away on contact if Tamako has that number of coins, meaning players will want to avoid collecting money as they play. If they do pick up a few coins, though, they can always hope a helpful Tanuki happens to rob them by running into them.


The blocks also have various properties players will want to put to use. While basic numbered blocks are impassible (and players may want to get the right number of coins to be rid of them), cloud-like Kumo Blocks can be passed through or used as a platform, and the Wood Blocks can be pushed to crush monsters, but all will fade away if the player is too wealthy. Players can also use monster’s attacks, like the Hitotsume Kozo’s powerful punch, to get themselves across gaps they’ve accidentally made impassable.

Rising Dusk is raising development funding on Kickstarter, with a demo available through the campaign.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!