Risk Of Rain Gets Smoother Play In Game Maker: Studio, Two New Classes



Hopoo Games has released a significant update for its roguelike sci-fi action game Risk of Rain that adds new classes, items, and sees it running smoother.


The better performance is due to Risk of Rain being moved over from Game Maker 8 to Game Maker: Studio. Due to the amount of activity that can happen on screen at once, the game has been known to have slow down, but hopefully it being in Game Maker: Studio will prevent that happening again.


This update also adds two new character classes for you to unlock, which are Chef and Loader. The Chef wields cleavers, can cook enemies, and has a special that involves riding on a wave of oil, according to the wiki. The Loader comes with a hydraulic gauntlet that throws a lot of weight around, again, according to the wiki.


There are also 10 new items to discover in the game, as well as six new challenges to beat. The rest of the patch notes can be see on the Risk of Rain website.


If you haven’t bought the game already then you can grab it through the Humble widget, or on Steam.

Chris Priestman