Risk Versus Reward Is Everything In This Fast, Stylish Shoot-em-up



Aerobat is all about playing dangerously.


You control a bright red fighter jet that can travel at ridiculously fast pace but, understandably, it takes a little while to build up its boosters to ultra speeds. However, your bigger problem is that while you’re boosting you cannot fire your weapons.


That’s an issue because all around you are insectoid robots that fire lasers at you, and generally get in your way. The idea is to boost to reach high speed, cut off your engines, and then fling yourself into a free-falling flight while blasting as many enemies into an explosive combo as possible.


The scenery in the backgrounds of Aerobat mixes perfectly with this acrobatic risk-taking. It’s all epic images of huge clouds, some naturally formed white and wispy, while others suggest a recent nuclear explosion happened in the distance.


It’s highly stylish, very fast, and has a unique risk/reward rock-hard center pulling it all together.


Aerobat is a project by Chicago-based Matthew Yeager, and he plans to bring it to Windows first, and hopefully Mac and Linux soon after. You can keep up with the game’s development on its website.

Chris Priestman