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River City Melee Mach!! Introduces Hinoshima High School Team And Three Hidden Teams



Arc System Works shared the third team introduction video featuring Hinoshima High School Team. We also got a peek at three “hidden” teams of the game with Wu Wonfu, Yumemi, and an Edit Only team.


Hinoshima High School team consists of its captain Aijima, followed by Yokomizo, Nishiwaki, Kiwada, Mikura, and Kawasaki. They see themselves as Kunio’s team rivals. They have been strengthened by some kind of power, but look a bit fragile.


With over 30 teams and over 180 playable characters, there are many choices in River City Melee Mach!!, including some hidden teams. Here’s a look at three of them:


Wu Wonfu


It is the terrifying team of the man called Tsubaki who uses a mysterious martial art and the imposing Tiger Five!




These are the fervent fans of Reiho High School from the Yumemi-cho shopping street! They all copy the moves of the Reiho High School team.


Edit Only


Upon fulfilling the “required conditions,” you will unlock the Team Edit mode.


Check out the previous two team introduction videos for Legend Team and Kirisame High School Team.


River City Melee Mach!! releases worldwide for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 10, 2019. Learn more about its systems and gameplay in our previous report.

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