River City Ransom Sequel In Development For PC From Indie Studio

imageLast year, Miracle Kidz, the developer behind Downtown Smash Dodgeball, said they canceled River City Ransom 2 which was in development for WiiWare and PC. Enter Combit Studios that developed a cross-platform 2D gaming engine for casual titles called FWD.


The Canadian-based indie developer contacted Million that holds all of the Technos licenses like Double Dragon and Kunio-kun (i.e. the original series River City Ransom is based on) and got a license to develop River City Ransom 2. Combit says they will work closely with Million on the title.


River City Ransom 2 is slated for release in August 2014 for PC with other platforms under consideration. Combit will launch a crowdfunding campaign this summer to buy Karma Jolt raise money for the game.

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