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River City Ransom SP Trailer Shows Us More Of Its Special Attacks And New Mode



Arc System Works released the latest trailer for River City Ransom SP, their upcoming 30th anniversary title of the original game, featuring a bunch of new features and a new mode.


River City Ransom SP features “Special Attacks” that use up your SP meter that fills up when you attack, take damage, or block attacks. By using more Special Attacks, you can then bust out with a “Super Special Attack,” which are basically even more powerful versions of the Special attacks.


You can also do “Continuous Attacks,” which don’t use up your SP meter, but they’re basically consecutive attacks that you can pull off by leveling up Kunio and increasing his status in order to add to the number of hits.


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The new “Hot-Blooded Counter” is used when you’re surrounded by foes and don’t have room to get out. The above images demonstrate how you can use it to get yourself out of a pinch, but keep in mind that it uses up some SP, so you’ll want to use it only when it’s needed.



As previously mentioned, you’ll get to level up Kunio by getting experience points. By leveling, you get LP (Level Points) that can be put into stats such as Punch, Kick, Weapon, Throw, Speed, Defense, and Luck.


Additionally, you’ll get to equip items to further strengthen Kunio. Some equipment have special characteristic skills in them that you can equip, for example, one might have the “Super Moxie” effect that makes you have 1HP remaining when you take a hit that would normally put your health to 0. Some of them might also have you automatically pick up items.


There are all kinds out there, but you’ll be able to use up to two, and they can be acquired from drops after beating enemies or purchased from the shops.;



And finally, the “Fighting of Double Dragon” is a new mode that is reminiscent of old school 2D fighters. This mode allows you to play as all 14 characters, including bosses, as a fighting mode that also has the game’s Special Attacks and Super Special Attacks. Each character has their own unique characteristics, and this mode can be played in single-player mode, or against other players through Download Play.


River City Ransom SP will release in Japan on April 28, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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