Robbery Is As Terrifying As It Should Be In The Very Organized Thief


The Very Organized Thief is a first-person robbery game. You enter someone’s house with a list of possessions you want to steal, and so you do.


However, what you won’t be counting on is the occupant of the house coming back while you’re in the middle of stealing their possessions.


It makes for a terrifying situation as you find yourself trying to hide in the dark, desperate to run out of the house without being caught – the fun of your scavenger hunt turned into terror within a matter of seconds.


It’s a pretty neat idea and it’s pulled off well. Anyway, the freeware version of The Very Organized Thief was released over a year ago, but now the team behind it is looking to acquire funding for an expanded version of the game on Kickstarter.


The plan is to improve the art and interactions of the original version, as well as add more houses for us to raid and flee from.


A pre-alpha build of this upcoming commercial version will be released soon after the Kickstarter. Depending on how well it goes, more complicated features such as multiplayer, as well as ports to handheld devices and consoles will be considered.


You can download the freeware version of The Very Organized Thief on Game Jolt.

Chris Priestman