Robot Anime-Style Action-Shooter God-Fighter Zeroigar Translated Into English


PC-FX action-shooter “Choujin Heiki Zeroigar,” otherwise known as God-Fighter Zeroigar, has been fully translated into English by the people at ROMHacking.


The translation includes the title screen menu, the level-up/repair screen, the in-game icons and dialogue text, and the credits. “What you might be surprised to see in addition is that the FMVs are fully subtitled with no loss to the original image,” writes ROMHacking. “This was only possible because of three things: the nature of the PC-FX FMV playback chip, the windowed original video giving us room to put subtitles in their own black space, and there being just enough bandwidth in the data stream to fit them.”


God-Fighter Zeroigar was originally released in 1997 in Japan for the PC-FX. It’s a throwback to 1970s robot anime and even has about 16 minutes of hand-drawn anime FMV. Rather than being a mere arcade shooter, it’s described as a “console-style epic” with a unique levelling system and a story told through in-game events.


The plot concerns a scientist who escapes an evil empire who is taking over the galaxy with their ultimate weapon. She flees to Earth in 1945 where she encounters a Japanese pilot returning from war who is able to help her out.

Chris Priestman