A Robot Named Fight! Is A Gory Metroidvania Filled With Gruesome Bosses


    A Robot Named Fight! is a roguelike Metroidvania filled with sickening monsters and gruesome bosses, as players will control a single machine protector in a battle to overcome the biological threat to its robot home.


    Since the machine gods left, the robots have been at peace, but now find themselves under attack from massive mounds of sentient meat and flesh, these beings overtaking their pristine mechanical home. Players must control a well-armed robot and explore the cities and caverns of its world to find the root of this fleshy invasion: a moon-sized mound of living, deadly tissue.

    Those weapons will differ on each run, as the game shuffles routes, item drops, and other aspects each time the player starts a new game of A Robot Named Fight!. There are fifty possible weapons and traversal items for players to find on any given run, though, as well as an equal amount of Contra-inspired alien beasts to churn the stomach with. Players will be able to save as they dig deeper into the earth, so despite its roguelike elements, players can tackle the game over multiple playthroughs.


    A Robot Named Fight! is being developed by the creator of 2011 Flash Game My Robot Is Fight, and is set to release on September 7, 2017.

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