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A Robot Named Fight’s Switch Release Brings New Items, Weapon Synergies, Areas


With its arrival on the Nintendo Switch, bloody Metroidvania A Robot Named Fight brings double the items, some new synergies between weapons and power-ups, and a new area with a different ending.


A Robot Named Fight follows a lone machine left to fend off the fleshy beasts that mean to overtake the world. In their journey to take out these monsters and their moon-sized ball of trembling eyes and organs, players will go through a procedurally-generated labyrinth, collecting a random array of weapons and items to use against the monsters they come across. They can choose to go this alone, or bring a friendly ally in local co-op.

This new release of the game brought some gameplay tweaks, such as new items that offer various different abilities, as well as new areas for players to explore and a different ending to the game. Players can also use the game’s new seeded runs to tackle specific area orders and weapon layouts, and can also enjoy better balance for scrap.


A Robot Named Fight is available now on Steam, the Windows Store, and the Nintendo eShop.

Alistair Wong
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